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Senate approves $136K for wrongful conviction (UPDATE)

Robert Stinson smiles with his sister, Charlene Stinson, in New Lisbon after being released from prison on Jan. 30, 2009. Lawmakers are pushing for additional reimbursement for Stinson, who served 23 years in prison for a homicide he didn’t commit, and was awarded the maximum $25,000 in compensation by the Wisconsin Claims Board. (AP File Photo/Andy Manis)

Robert Lee Stinson (AP File Photo/Andy Manis)

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Wisconsin Senate has approved a bill that would increase compensation for a wrongfully convicted man.

Robert Lee Stinson spent 23 years in prison for a Milwaukee homicide he didn’t commit.

Stinson asked the state claims board for $115,000, or $5,000 for every year he spent behind bars, as well as $14,000 in attorney fees. The board awarded him $25,000, the maximum compensation under state law. The board recommended state pay him another $90,000 to get him to $115,000.

The bipartisan bill would pay Stinson the additional $90,000 from the state’s general fund. Sen. Glenn Grothman introduced an amendment bumping that up to $136,000. He offered no explanation.

The Senate approved the amendment on a voice vote and the bill 33-0 Tuesday. The measure now goes to the Assembly.

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