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Settlement reached in upside down flag case

GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) – A Wisconsin man who flew a flag upside down to protest the denial of his liquor license application has reached a settlement with the city of Crivitz.

WLUK-TV reports Vito Congine sued the Crivitz after police removed the upside down flag from the building Congine was renting.

Police said they received complaints about the flag, so they took it down to prevent a disturbance. Judge William Griesbach ruled last summer that there was no clear and present danger.

Congine’s attorney, Chris Meuler, filed court documents Thursday indicating a settlement was reached. He declined to discuss the details of the deal but says Congine was pleased.

Crivitz clerk and treasurer Marilyn Padgett said the cost was covered by the village’s insurance policy.

Information from: WLUK-TV,

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  1. Once again the heckler’s veto lives. An upside down flag is a classic symbol of distress. Because other people, obviously people who hate America and what it stands for, protested this poor guy had to deal with this nonsense. Small town Wisconsin can be a hotbed of clueless people who are more fascist than patriot.

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