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BEV BUTULA: 50-state surveys can save time

If you have been reading my blog posts over the past five years, you know that I love it when I find quality 50-state surveys.

A well-researched 50-state survey can save legal researchers time. I thought I would share a few that I recently discovered.

1. 50-State Survey of State Immigration Laws Affecting Employers (August 2013).

Authored by Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, this report discusses various state immigration compliance obligations.

2. States’ Laws On Disclosing Crime Scene Photographs, Autopsy Reports, And 911 Tapes And Transcripts (September 2013).

This report was written by the Connecticut Office of Legislative Research. There is also a follow-up report discussing the exemption of certain records under other states’ freedom of information laws. That report is HERE.

3. Joint and Several Liability: 50 State Survey (November 2012)

The national law firm of Wilson Elser drafted this 30-page survey. The report includes a summary of each state’s law, as well as, specific statutory and case references.

4. Hospital Strict Liability (November 2012)

As part of the Drug and Device Blog, the authors reviewed case law from all 50 states on the topic.

Please let us know if you have found a 50-state survey of note. I would also like to thank the authors of these various surveys, since they require quite a bit of time to compile.

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