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Justice on Wheels travels to Sheboygan

justice-travelsSHEBOYGAN, Wis. (AP) – The Wisconsin Supreme Court justices are taking their cases on the road again.

The justice will hold court in Sheboygan on Thursday and hear two cases. One case raises an issue that the state’s high court has never considered: Does GPS tracking of a cellphone user by police without a warrant violate that person’s constitutional rights?

Nicolas Subdiaz-Osorio argues police violated his right to privacy when police worked with his cellphone provider to track his signal and arrest him for a murder in Kenosha. He was convicted in the case and an appeals court affirmed that conviction.

The second case also centers on police use of cellphone signals to track a homicide suspect.

The visit to Sheboygan is the court’s 24th trip. The public outreach initiative began in 1993.

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