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BEV BUTULA: Constitution annotated on new iOS app

I missed Constitution Day last week. What I didn’t miss, however, was the release of a new iOS app for the Constitution Annotated (also known as the U.S. Constitution: Analysis and Interpretation).

The Constitution Annotated contains the text of the Constitution along with case law and analysis. The Web version, along with the new app, offers free access to a valued treatise that has been around for a very long time.

The GPO’s press release regarding the new tool is available HERE.

With this move to a digital environment, the annotations, based primarily on Supreme Court decisions, are updated with a greater frequency. The print version was updated every two years.

If accessing the Constitution Annotated via the web, the researcher can download the entire (almost 3,000 page) document or pick specific Articles and Amendments of interest. The app, however, delivers the entire document and permits the user to browse, search or consult the index (note that the index is not hyperlinked).

There is also a table of cases, but like the index, is not hyperlinked.

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