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BEV BUTULA: Get attorney rates from RateDriver

Imagine my excitement when my Wolters Kluwer/CCH rep mentioned a free mobile application that provides attorney rates from major markets based on practice area.

The app, RateDriver, is a product of TyMetrix (a part of the Wolters Kluwer family).

According to its website, this mobile app is “based on a statistical model published in The Real Rate Report™ – a deep and unprecedented statistical analysis of $4.1 billion in legal invoices.”

RateDriver is easy to use. Select a major metropolitan area such as Nashville, St. Louis, Denver or Milwaukee. Then choose one of nine practice areas including litigation, real estate, securities, and labor/employment. The next step is to enter the firm size and select, if you want, partner or associate rates. Add the years of experience, and calculate the rate. The rate displays as the “estimated average 2012 rate.”

Interested? You can fill out a download form or in the iTunes app store HERE. For Android, Google Play has it HERE.

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