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3 more sue Milwaukee police for illegal strip searches

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A 15-year-old and two other black males are suing Milwaukee police over allegations that white officers conducted or oversaw illegal strip searches on them.

The plaintiffs say officers probed their rectal and genital areas under the pretense of looking for drugs, and that other officers watched without intervening. The plaintiffs join five other black men who filed similar lawsuits last month. Plaintiff’s attorney Robin Shellow said another 15 to 25 lawsuits could be forthcoming.

According to a lawsuit filed on behalf of the 15-year-old, an officer forced him up against a gate, reached inside his underwear, squeezed his genitals and reached between his buttocks.

Milwaukee city attorney Grant Langley said he might comment after the defense files its responses. The police department did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday.

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