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BEV BUTULA: Ratcheting up legal news

Law Ratchet is an iPad app that “scours the Internet for the best legal news and intelligence.”

Law Ratchet gathers news from legal blogs, websites, magazines, and newspapers and presents it in a clean, easy-to-read format. From Law Ratchet’s news page, the user can view an article’s source, headline, and a sentence or two from the article. Selecting the item allows the reader to link to the full text of the article.

Users can review “top” stories or narrow the type of articles displayed by topic, source and practice areas. This customization helps the reader focus on stories specific to their interests. With the elimination of Google Reader, this may be a nice alternative for just law-related content.

As an app, Law Ratchet is currently only available for iPad. There is also a web version for your laptop or desktop.

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