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BEV BUTULA: Searching SEC contracts just got easier

A new website launched last week that allows researchers to search SEC contract filings.

Law Insider is a contract database that holds more than 250,000 contracts. The contracts are “SEC document filings that have been catalogued and indexed by contract type, state/jurisdiction, company, signees and filing date.” The database is updated daily.

The site is quite user friendly. The researcher can conduct a keyword search or browse by company, state, or type of contract. When browsing by contract type, it is important to remember that some of the documents may be identified as just “amendment” or “agreement” which does not provide much insight for the researcher. I would recommend starting with a keyword search and include a company or specific type of agreement (e.g. “separation agreement”) to reduce your hits.

This is a nice way to locate items that are usually found as attachments to SEC filings and I think it will be a great tool.

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