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BEV BUTULA: Don’t try to Google ‘Reader’ this summer

Google has announced it will retire Google Reader in July.

Google Reader is an excellent tool for monitoring and organizing your RSS feeds. The recent announcement has actually resulted in a petition being circulated by avid users in hopes of keeping it alive.

If, like me, you are in search of an alternative reader, Gary Price at InfoDocket suggests a service called NewsBlur. Another option is Feedly, which I have used in the past.

Google indicated that it has closed or discontinued more than 70 features and services since 2011.

Another service ending this year is iGoogle, a service where researchers can customize their homepage. iGoogle will sunset in November.

I use both of these services daily and will be looking for quality alternatives.

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  1. Christian Puricelli

    We at started to build an alternative yesterday, today we just finished the backend, next week we could go online with a MVP

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