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BEV BUTULA: Need a transcript? Start with the source

I was recently asked about possible sources for free TV and radio transcripts or replays. There are a few places you might want to check prior to using a fee-based service. The following is a short list of possible sites:

1. The actual source.

Most radio and television stations offer podcasts of prior programs or segments. One example is CNN, which offers its transcripts on its website. The researcher can utilize their search box, program listing, or calendar to quickly locate the transcripts of interest.

Many radio stations offer individuals the option listen to past broadcasts. Some radio stations also allow researchers to subscribe to popular shows via iTunes.

2. YouTube.

Searching YouTube is another option to locate news segments and videos.

3. TV News Search & Borrow

Part of the Internet Archive, the website “collects and preserves television news. Like library collections of books and newspapers, this accessible archive of TV news enables anyone to reference and compare statements from this influential medium.”

Currently, the collection contains more than 350,000 news programs. Coverage includes national U.S. networks and stations in San Francisco and Washington D.C. The website is updated the day following the broadcast. Researchers can view portions of the news transcript and watch the video. Researchers can also borrow a DVD of the entire broadcast for a processing fee.

4. Vanderbilt Television News Archive

Researchers can search the “world’s most extensive and complete archive of television news” for free. Search results provide a summary of the information presented, including commercials. The researcher can then request a DVD of the broadcast for a fee.

Any additional ideas for free radio or television transcripts? Let us know below in the “Post a Comment” section.

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