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BEV BUTULA: There’s cause for the Clause

The American Arbitration Association launched an online ClauseBuilder® Tool in beta. It is “designed to assist individuals and organizations develop clear and effective arbitration and mediation agreements.”

The tool takes the drafter through a series of questions to customize the standard arbitration language. Currently, ClauseBuilder is “limited to providing assistance with commercial arbitration and mediation clauses.” However, the website indicates it will be adding clauses for construction, international, and employment contracts.

The American Arbitration Association’s news release goes on to say, “ClauseBuilder enables users to develop pre-dispute ADR clauses to be included in contracts as well as clauses for existing disputes that parties would like to submit to arbitration or mediation. In addition to creating ADR clauses, ClauseBuilder will allow users to preview, edit, and archive their ADR agreements.”

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