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BEV BUTULA: Want an expert? Try the UW System

Looking for an expert on climate change, education, public policy, religion, art, transportation, psychology or nanotechnology? There are many options available, but did you know that many Wisconsin universities have expert databases.

UW-Madison maintains an “Experts Guide?” The online database contains more than 1,100 experts in 20 areas.

Browse by topic or conduct a keyword search to retrieve a list of qualified individuals. Selecting an expert will produce a summary including areas of expertise, achievements, contact information and news releases.

The homepage includes links to news stories where faculty have been quoted. Many of the experts have websites that link the researcher to a CV, courses, publications and areas of research.

Other UW campuses offer expert directories as well. UW-Milwaukee’s Expert Directory and UW-Eau Claire each provide a subject listing for browsing, in addition to an alphabetical listing of faculty.

Marquette is another option when looking for local experts. Its website provides the ability to conduct a keyword search, but also includes direct links to the various Centers, Institutes, and Special Collections.

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