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Professional Responsibility — public reprimand

Wisconsin Supreme Court


Professional Responsibility — public reprimand

Where attorney Peter J. Kovac failed to cooperate with OLR and present a defense to a grievance, a public reprimand is appropriate.

“The referee filed an order on July 12, 2012, saying that although Attorney Kovac received the order to answer and complaint on March 16, 2012, and was granted an extension of time until June 26, 2012 to answer the complaint, he failed to file a timely answer and was in default. The referee held that the OLR was entitled to a default judgment on the complaint. The referee also concluded that Attorney Kovac violated SCR 22.03(2) and (6), enforceable via SCR 20:8.4(h). The referee recommended that this court publicly reprimand Attorney Kovac and order him to pay the full costs of the proceeding.”

“Attorney Kovac has not filed an appeal from the referee’s order. Although Attorney Kovac was given the opportunity to file an answer and present a defense to the OLR’s complaint, he failed to do so. Accordingly, we declare him to be in default.”

2012AP360-D OLR v. Kovac

Per Curiam.

Attorneys: For Complainant: Hendrix, Jonathan E., Madison; For Respondent: Kovac, Peter J., Milwaukee

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