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Property — landlord-tenant — eviction

Wisconsin Court of Appeals


Property — landlord-tenant — eviction

This court is presented with two issues in this tenants’ appeal, brought pro se, from a judgment of eviction awarded to their landlord, William Kealey. The tenants, Brayden and Kerrah Holmquist, state the issues as follows: (1) “Did the court … err in leading Kealey’s examination of his witness, … and [in] allowing [the witness] to take over as speaker for Kealey in the hearing?”

(2) “Did the court err by not recognizing [the tenants’] rights under the Wisconsin Landlord/Tenant Protection Act and Wisconsin Statute 846.35(2)(a)2.,” a statute (now repealed) that addressed a tenant’s right to withhold rent equal to the security deposit when the rented property is sold at foreclosure? This court is not persuaded by the Holmquists’ limited and undeveloped arguments on each issue. Accordingly, the judgment is affirmed. This opinion will not be published.

2011AP2970 Kealey v. Holmquist

Dist IV, Rock County, Welker, J., Blanchard, J.

Attorneys: For Appellant: Holmquist, Kerrah, pro se; Holmquist, Brayden, pro se; For Respondent: Kealey, William X, pro se

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