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BEV BUTULA: It pays to BEA informed

Did you know that the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis offers some great industry, national and regional economic data?

The regional information includes statistics on the gross national product, personal income, employment, taxes, and much more. The national data adds topics such as corporate profits, and government receipts and expenditures.

This is one of those websites that you just want to explore. Each tab introduces the researcher to new information. There are options to build reports using interactive data, read topical reports and review the current economic situation.

My favorite tool is the BEA’s Regional Fact Sheets (BEARFACTS). These summaries can be customized by state, county, metro area, or BEA economic area. They contain various statistics specific to personal income. Historical data is available back to 1979.

To remain current, the researcher can subscribe to the BEA’s blog or RSS feed. Another alternative is to subscribe to the email subscription service.

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