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BEV BUTULA: Our vote is to inform yourself

The National Archives maintains a website on the U.S. Electoral College. The page is divided into several topics, including FAQs, “What is an Electoral College,” resources for state officials, and a general resource page.

Researchers can discover how the electoral process works, how to become an elector, and a listing of state laws and requirements regarding the electors. The website also supports an interactive map of past results to 1964. Historical results, however, are available back to 1789.

For more election information, Google announced that it launched a new voter information tool. Per the Official Google Blog, “You can enter your address to find information on your polling place, early vote locations, ballot information with links to candidates’ social media sites and voting rules and requirements.”

As I discussed in a post earlier this year, Google also has an “Elections” section on its news page.

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