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Motor Vehicles – OWI – detention — removal

Wisconsin Court of Appeals


Motor Vehicles – OWI – detention — removal

Ronald Reeverts appeals a judgment convicting him of twelfth-offense driving with a prohibited alcohol content. Reeverts pled guilty after the court denied his motion to suppress evidence. He argues that all evidence of his intoxication should have been suppressed from the time he gave a deputy his driver’s license during a combined traffic stop and investigation of a domestic disturbance. He contends that the deputy did not have reasonable grounds to detain him and his “removal” from the scene of the traffic stop to a location six miles away converted the unreasonable detention to an illegal arrest. We conclude that Reeverts was lawfully detained and the detention ended when he voluntarily agreed to drive home and left the scene of the traffic stop.

Therefore, the circuit court properly refused to suppress the evidence of Reeverts’ intoxication gathered after Reeverts returned home. This opinion will not be published.

2011AP2958-CR State v. Reeverts

Dist III, Pierce County, Boles, J., Per Curiam

Attorneys: For Appellant: Hirsch, Eileen A., Madison; For Respondent: Pray, Eileen W., Madison; O’Boyle, John M., Ellsworth

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