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Deputies: Spa shooter didn’t turn in weapons

Radcliffe Franklin Haughton (AP Photo/Brookfield Police Dept.)

MILWAUKEE (AP) — When a Wisconsin court granted a restraining order against Radcliffe Haughton last week, the judge ordered him to turn in his weapons. Now, two days after Haughton shot and killed his wife and two other women, Milwaukee County authorities say he never turned in any weapons.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Fran McLaughlin said Tuesday detectives typically wait until targets of a restraining order call to comply with any firearms ban. She said detectives then arrange to secure the arms until the court order is lifted.

However, even if Haughton had turned in any weapons Thursday it wouldn’t have mattered. Federal agents say he bought the handgun used in the crime from a private citizen Saturday, then went on his rampage Sunday.

Investigators who searched Haughton’s home afterward found no other weapons.

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