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Juveniles – TPR — due process

Wisconsin Court of Appeals


Juveniles – TPR — due process

Amanda G. (mother) appeals the orders terminating her parental rights to four of her children: Armary A., Till O., Avril O., and Crystal G. She argues that the trial court erroneously denied her motion for a mistrial because the jury, during the fact-finding phase of the termination proceedings, heard prejudicial testimony. Specifically, Amanda argues that a statement from the children’s case worker during her testimony referring to the children’s foster parents as “adoptive resources,” violated Amanda’s due process rights to a fair trial. We conclude, as did the trial judge, that the improper statement during testimony was a harmless error not requiring a mistrial. We therefore affirm the trial court’s refusal to grant a mistrial. This opinion will not be published.

2012AP1538, 2012AP1539, 2012AP1540, 2012AP1541 In re the termination of parental rights to Armary A., et al.

Dist I, Milwaukee County, Malmstadt, J., Kessler, J.

Attorneys: For Appellant: Zaleski, Steven, Madison; For Respondent: Havas, Michelle Ackerman, Milwaukee

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