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Professional Responsibility — suspension

Wisconsin Supreme Court


Professional Responsibility — suspension

Where attorney Tommy D. Payne’s license was suspended for six months in Illinois, reciprocal discipline is appropriate.

“In reciprocal discipline situations, our rules provide that we ‘shall impose the identical discipline or license suspension’ imposed in the other jurisdiction, unless one of three listed exceptions applies. SCR 22.22(3). In this case, Attorney Payne has not alleged that any exception applies, and our own review of the record leads us to conclude that no exception is applicable. Accordingly, we suspend the license of Attorney Payne to practice law in Wisconsin for a period of six months, effective the date of this order. Attorney Payne has not requested that the suspension in this state be made retroactive to the date of the Illinois suspension, and we perceive no reason to do so. We note that Attorney Payne did not notify the OLR of the Illinois suspension when it was imposed. See SCR 22.22(1) (requiring attorney subject to public discipline in another jurisdiction to notify the OLR within 20 days of the effective date of the discipline). Finally, because this matter was completed without the need for the appointment of a referee, we do not require Attorney Payne to pay the costs of this proceeding.”

2012AP1044-D OLR v. Payne

Per Curiam.

Attorneys: For Complainant: Spoke, Julie Marie, Madison; For Respondent: Payne, Tommy D., Chicago

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