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Jury convicts man of killing elderly woman

HAYWARD, Wis. (AP) – A jury has convicted a man of killing a 93-year-old woman in northern Wisconsin in a case authorities said had satanic overtones.

Jurors on Friday convicted 30-year-old Christopher Roalson of first-degree intentional homicide in the death of Irena Roszak.

Prosecutors alleged Roalson and a teenage accomplice broke into Roszak’s home in Radisson in 2009. Prosecutors say Roalson shouted satanic references as he stabbed Roszak and she begged for her life.

WDIO-TV reports the jury deliberated about two hours. A sentencing date was not set.

Eighteen-year-old Austin Davis pleaded guilty to second-degree intentional homicide for his role in Roszak’s death. Davis testified as a prosecution witness at Roalson’s trial.

The trial was overseen by an out-of-county judge and heard by an out-of-county jury due to publicity surrounding the case.

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