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BEV BUTULA: Favorable vote for election law website

The Moritz College of Law at Ohio State University has a website dedicated to election law.

It is a “source of information about election laws, election litigation, and election news from around the nation. The focus of the EL@M website is election administration — laws dealing with voter registration, voter ID, early and absentee voting, provisional balloting, poll workers and polling place procedures, recounts and election contests, and other related issues.”

Researchers can browse litigation documents or focus their search by topic or state. The section I find myself visiting regularly is titled “Major Pending Cases.” Under this section, the researcher finds a listing of key election law cases. Each case contains a summary of basic information (date filed, court, state) and the main issues surrounding the litigation. Links to the relevant documents are also included.

Those interested in staying current on these issues can subscribe to their email updates.

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