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BEV BUTULA: A map to state rules on e-discovery

The folks over at Kroll Ontrack have created a map identifying the states with rules and statutes specific to electronically stored information in litigation. The interactive map is color coded to identify if a state has adopted the FRCP model, an independent model, are considering adopting e-discovery rules, or currently have no e-discovery rules.

To learn more about an individual state, the user can select it from the map. A summary of that jurisdiction’s specific e-discovery rules is provided with a link to the court’s online rules. Kroll Ontrack also compiled the rules and statutes from all 50 states into a single .pdf document, creating a nice reference tool.

Fios, another e-discovery service provider, also offers a state by state summary of e-discovery rules. Specific information regarding when individual state rules were adopted is provided, along with hyperlinks to the relevant materials.

Kroll Ontrack indicates that the information was lasted updated in March of 2012. I was unable to determine when the Fios data was late updated.

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