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Professional Responsibility — reinstatement

Wisconsin Supreme Court


Professional Responsibility — reinstatement

Where attorney John A. Chavez abstains from alcohol and continues treatment, reinstatement is appropriate.

“We conclude the referee’s findings support a determination that Attorney Chavez has met his burden under SCR 22.36(6) to establish by clear, convincing, and satisfactory evidence that his medical incapacity is removed and he is fit to resume the practice of law. We agree that some conditions on Attorney Chavez’s license to practice law are necessary to ensure that Attorney Chavez continues to receive appropriate treatment. The conditions imposed are based on the OLR’s suggestions as well as those recommended by the referee.”

2005AP2110-D OLR v. Chavez

Per Curiam.

Attorneys: For Complainant: Spoke, Julie Marie, Madison; For Respondent: Chavez, John A., Cambridge

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