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BEV BUTULA: EEOC puts briefs online

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently announced that it has put its appellate and amicus briefs going back to 2000 on its external website.

“The briefs from the EEOC’s Appellate Services Division represent litigation in the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals in which the Commission was a party, or briefs filed as a ‘friend of the court’ (amicus curiae) in those courts, as well as in U.S. District Courts and state courts.”

The database’s interface provides several search options. It supports full text keyword searching, as well as, the ability to query by specific fields. These fields include case number, court, case number, date, type of brief, statute and basis. Once a search is executed, the researcher can further refine their results by choosing “search within results.”

An advanced search option is also available however I could not locate the template until after I ran my initial search. This advanced search option is powered by Google and allows the researcher to populate fields to create a Boolean type search.

According to the press release, the briefs will be added to the database within “several weeks of being filed in court.” However, the database as whole will be quite beneficial.

— Thanks to the Library Stuff

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