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Man gets 6 mos. for hiding embezzler’s loot

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A West Allis man has been convicted of taking items that the government planned to seize from a woman in a separate embezzlement case.

As part of a plea agreement, 29-year-old Adam Burback pleaded guilty to a federal charge of removing property subject to seizure. He was sentenced Thursday to six months in prison.

Prosecutors say Burback helped Sujata Sachdeva pack items for storage in 2011. Sachdeva had been convicted of embezzling $34 million from headphones company Koss Corp. She is serving an 11-year sentence, and the items on which she spent the money were to be seized by federal marshals and auctioned to cover her restitution.

But Burback allegedly kept some items, including jewelry and art.

Defense attorney Michael Chernin said prosecutors and the judge treated his client fairly.

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