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Juveniles – TPR — ineffective assistance

Wisconsin Court of Appeals


Juveniles – TPR — ineffective assistance

Corrine J. and Dalvin C. appeal the orders terminating their parental rights to their five children: Dalvin C. Jr., Delvanna C., Delveyanna C., Delvonta C., and Delvonna C. Additionally, Corrine J. appeals the order terminating her parental rights to her son Asonta J. Corrine J. and Dalvin C. also appeal the orders denying their motions for post-disposition relief. For the reasons that follow, this court affirms the trial court’s orders. This opinion will not be published.

2011AP1878, 2011AP1879, 2011AP1880, 2011AP1881, 2011AP1882, 2011AP1911, 2011AP1912, 2011AP1913, 2011AP1914, 2011AP1915, 2011AP1916, 2009TP407, 2009TP408, 2010TP255, 2010TP256, 2010TP257, 2010TP254 In re the termination of parental rights to Dalvin C. Jr. et al., a person under the age of 18

Dist I, Milwaukee County, Foley, J., Curley, P.J.

Attorneys: For Appellant: Jensen, Jeffrey W., Milwaukee; For Respondent: Havas, Michelle Ackerman, Milwaukee; Swartz, Melinda A., Milwaukee

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