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Forfeiture — attorney fees

Wisconsin Court of Appeals


Forfeiture — attorney fees

Joel DeLeon Nieves appeals from a Milwaukee County Circuit Court order that declined to consider the merits of Nieves’s request that the State be found in contempt and ordered to pay costs and attorney fees associated with Nieves’s attempt to collect a previously entered judgment against the State. We conclude that the trial court erroneously exercised its discretion when it declined to consider those issues. Therefore, we reverse that portion of the Milwaukee County order and remand for consideration of those issues. This opinion will not be published.

2011AP442, 2011AP674 State v. One 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser, et al.

Dists I & IV, Milwaukee County, White, J., Per Curiam

Attorneys: For Appellant: Ramirez, Peter L., Milwaukee; Raines, Douglas M., Milwaukee; For Respondent: Williams, Roy L., Milwaukee; Finkelmeyer, Corey Francis, Madison; Kilpatrick, Steven C., Madison

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