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Professional Responsibility — reinstatement

Wisconsin Supreme Court


Professional Responsibility — reinstatement

Where attorney Jane A. Edgar failed to show that her mental health problems have been resolved, failed to disclose all pertinent information to OLR, and failed to follow procedures at her reinstatement hearing, reinstatement is denied.

“[T]he referee found that ‘it is apparent that [Attorney] Edgar has made significant progress in her mental health treatment with respect to her diagnosed depression,’ but she was not satisfied that Attorney Edgar had established that her other mental health related issues are sufficiently under control to satisfy court-ordered reinstatement requirements.”

“This court will adopt a referee’s findings of fact unless they are clearly erroneous. Conclusions of law are reviewed de novo. See In re Disciplinary Proceedings Against Eisenberg, 2004 WI 14, ¶5, 269 Wis. 2d 43, 675 N.W.2d 747. After careful review of the record, we agree with the referee that Attorney Edgar has not established by clear, satisfactory, and convincing evidence that she has satisfied all of the criteria necessary for reinstatement. Accordingly, we adopt the referee’s findings of fact and conclusions of law, and we accept the referee’s recommendation to deny this petition for reinstatement. We further direct Attorney Edgar to pay the full costs of the reinstatement proceeding.”

1999AP62-D & 2002AP2962-D BAPR v. Edgar

Per Curiam.

Attorneys: For Complainant: Krohn, Robert G., Edgerton; Weigel, William J., Madison; For Respondent: Edgar, Jane A., Milwaukee

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