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BEV BUTULA: Google and the elections

Earlier this month, Google announced that it is adding an “Elections” section to their News homepage. It is located on the left hand side of the main Google news page and selecting it will narrow your news stories to just those dealing with the election.

Google also launched a specific website dedicated to the elections called “Politics and Elections.” The site includes news and web stories on the specific candidates and the primary issues such as healthcare, economy, government spending, and the like. Another aspect to the webpage is the “trends” link. Following this link will display the charts showing the search volume and news mentions for the various candidates.

Two other interesting sections are the “Results” and “On the Ground” links. Detailed information concerning the various primary results is available by selecting the “results” link. The “On the Ground” link takes the user to a map where they can follow a timeline of events for each candidate.

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