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2011 Unsung Heroes – Legal Marketing Professional

Legal Marketing Professional of the Year

Ruth Strekow
Director of organizational planning and client satisfaction, Quarles & Brady LLP

A lot of people might try to take credit for the

success of Quarles & Brady LLP’s recent client satisfaction survey, but its Ruth Strekow that deserves the praise, said Mike Ostermeyer, lead sales attorney at the firm.

“The fact of the matter is that Ruth’s persistence was indispensable in getting that done,” he said.

The firm had long wanted an assessment of client thoughts and expectations, Ostermeyer said, but it was through Strekow, director of organizational planning and client satisfaction, that the idea first found financial footing and practical implementation.

It was difficult to persuade some of the firm’s more than 400 lawyers to allow their clients to give an honest assessment of services, he said, but Strekow, with patience and without bruising any egos, sold the positives of the project in the same successful manner she accomplishes all of her professional responsibilities.

“You need to be pretty intelligent and engage (attorneys) in a substantive way,” Ostermeyer said, “and Ruth does so in a way where people readily view her as their peer.”

The targeted client satisfaction survey complete, Quarles & Brady now has facts and qualitative sources to guide its efforts and actions going forward, he said. The results of the survey are the basis of a new customer satisfaction dashboard measure and something to reflect against future surveys, as well.

— Justin Kern


Pam Bertieri,
director of marketing, Gonzalez Saggio & Harlan LLP

“Pam is a hard worker and always supports her team. A wonderful leader dedicated to helping others. She takes an active interest in the marketing potential of each attorney regardless of experience. Her level of dedication extends beyond normal working hours.

She’s always available to assist attorneys with their marketing needs, whether it be large or small. Pam’s always in great spirits throughout the day, no matter what comes her way. She’s approachable, easy to talk to and a great listener. Perhaps most importantly when dealing with attorneys, while she takes marketing seriously, she doesn’t let the attorneys take themselves too seriously.”

marketing department,
Gonzalez Saggio & Harlan LLP

Jodi Golisek,
CEO, Sigma One Group LLC

“Jodi’s internet acumen has put our firm’s website consistently at the top of Google searches. Between her skill at placement and usage of content, we get so many new client contacts, we must oftentimes refer out to other attorneys. She has a legal background herself, which lends to the ability to write content to help explain the law to people searching for information, as well as to ensure we are the first attorneys people want to talk to in our specific field of expertise. She’s simply a genius.”

Tracey Wood
Van Wagner & Wood SC

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