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BEV BUTULA: Bing offers an inside view of airports

Bing announced Thursday the addition of detailed airport maps to their Bing Maps service.

They currently have maps for 42 airports with the promise of more to come.

To find these maps is quite easy. The first option is to search by the name of the airport in Bing Maps and selecting the “airport map” option. The second option is to search by flight status.

(Image courtesy of Bing)

As an example, I searched for “Delta 2115” in Bing. In addition to obtaining the specific flight information (times and airports), the “map” link directs me to the Minneapolis/St. Paul and Albuquerque airport maps.

Each airport map identifies the location of check-in stations, baggage claim, gates, restrooms, stairs, restaurants and other services. The researcher can sort the information by categories to quickly locate the names of the various food services, apparel shops, book stores, etc. and the detail found within the maps is very nice.

I am a bit surprised with some of the maps initially available. They have Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Houston, Nashville, and Omaha but there is no Milwaukee or Dallas.

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