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BEV BUTULA: New Site for the U.S. Code Online

Bob Ambrogi has an excellent post on his LawSites blog regarding the beta launch of the new U.S. Code platform.  He outlines the various new enhancements while comparing it to the current version.

“The most dramatic enhancement in the new site is search, especially when compared to the current search site. Search is improved on many levels, but one that stands out is in the display of search results. Whereas the current site shows results only as a list of citations, the new site shows results in context, Google style.”

Many researchers also use Cornell’s Legal Information Institute (LII) to obtain U.S. Code sections online. This is also a great site.  However, it is very important to remember when using LII to check for pending updates. Users can click on the “how current is this link” or look under the search box for a notation regarding any updates.

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