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2010AP1640 & 2010AP2630 Nelson v. Furrer

Civil Procedure
Contempt; sanctions

This appeal concerns remedial sanctions against Frederick Furrer and two interrelated business entities, Hyrad Corporation and Leader Corporation.  Furrer and Hyrad brought a third-party claim against Ingmar Nelson, a former Hyrad director.  That claim was dismissed, and the circuit court ordered that Hyrad indemnify Nelson for his expenses in defending the claim.  After Hyrad failed to comply with the order, the circuit court found Furrer, Hyrad, and Leader in contempt of court and imposed remedial sanctions.

On appeal, Furrer, Hyrad, and Leader argue that the sanctions were improper.  I disagree and, accordingly, affirm the circuit court. Affirmed. This opinion will not be published.

2010AP1640 & 2010AP2630 Nelson v. Furrer

Dist. IV, Columbia County, Bissonnette, J., Lundsten, J.

Attorneys: For Plaintiff: Eric A. Baker, Madison; For Defendants:   Chong Vang, Steven P. O’Connor, Brian E. Butler, Thomas Brady Aquino, Madison

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