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Anderson carries on family work history in Eau Claire

By: Jane Pribek//July 25, 2011//

Anderson carries on family work history in Eau Claire

By: Jane Pribek//July 25, 2011//

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Photo submitted by Ruder Ware

David Anderson gets a warm feeling when he drives by projects he’s helped bring to life.

Whether it’s new stores or an office building, the shareholder with Ruder Ware LLSC, Wausau, still gets excited about projects he’s involved in, even after 42 years practicing real estate and construction law. Anderson said he is proud to have been a part of improving the economy and quality of life in his hometown, Eau Claire, where he works at a branch of Ruder Ware. In fact, his only extended absence from the area was to attend law school.

He recently represented a buyer purchasing 95 acres of prime commercial real estate on Highway 53 between Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire. The sale was through a bankruptcy court-authorized auction that was conducted online, something Anderson said he never would have imagined in his early years of practice.

But that’s what keeps his job interesting, Anderson said: he learns something new every day.

The Daily Reporter: What do you consider your biggest career achievement to date and why?

David Anderson: My association with great partners, associates and clients.

TDR: What is the number one legal issue construction firms need to be aware of today and why?

Anderson: I represent quite a few construction firms, and I tell them that today, more than ever, there has to be careful documentation of contracts and especially the specifications and change orders. Occasionally things were done “on the fly” in bygone years. But today, with the economy as it is, there’s a much greater need to document things in writing.

TDR: What is one thing attorneys should know that they wont learn in law school?

Anderson: Time management; because we have to accommodate clients, family, social engagements and client development. It’s a lot to juggle, and learning time management is an ongoing process.

TDR: What was your least favorite course in law school and why?

Anderson: Constitutional Law, because I didn’t see as much practical application with it as I liked to see in other subjects. Obviously, it’s a very important area, but I just didn’t see myself ever using that information on the job.

TDR: If you hadnt become a lawyer, what career would you have chosen?

Anderson: I was an economics major as an undergraduate, and I gave serious thought to becoming an investment manager or a stock broker.

TDR: Who are your heroes?

Anderson: My father, Robert Anderson, and my grandfather, Louis Anderson, who both worked in real estate in Eau Claire, too.

TDR: Where would you like to live?

Anderson: Eau Claire. It’s close to our cottage in the Hayward area and the Twin Cities, and we’re right on I-94 to easily get to Madison and Milwaukee. It’s a beautiful city and it was a great place to raise our family.

TDR: What piece of new technology could you no longer live without?

Anderson: My BlackBerry

TDR: What is your definition of success?

Anderson: Being happy and satisfied with all business and personal relationships

TDR: What are your words to live by?

Anderson: The Golden Rule

TDR: What book is sitting on your nightstand?

Anderson: Michael Connelly’s latest, “The Fifth Witness.”

— Jane Pribek


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