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10-2479 Pronsivalkulchai v. Holder

Removal; withholding

Even though an alien cooperated against Thai drug dealers while in custody in the U.S., her participation in drug trafficking renders her ineligible for withholding of removal.
“The outcome of this case follows the Latin phrase ‘dura lex, sed lex’—the law is hard, but it’s the law. The petitioner was brought to the United States to stand trial, never received a trial, and, after cooperating with the DEA, will be returned to Thailand where those she tried to help the DEA identify still lurk. While we are sympathetic, the evidence produced at a full and fair hearing squarely links her to the serious crime of drug trafficking, barring her from the relief she seeks in this matter.”

Petition Denied.

10-2479 Pronsivalkulchai v. Holder

Petition for Review of an Order of the Board of Immigration Appeals, Bauer, J.

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