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Job growth elsewhere gives context to Wisconsin figures

Milwaukee (AP) — Gov. Scott Walker was correct this week when he said Wisconsin’s net gain of 9,500 jobs last month represented more than half the jobs added across the entire nation in that period. However, numbers from other states provide a clearer context.

Wisconsin added 12,900 private-sector jobs last month and lost 3,400 government jobs, for a net gain of 9,500. Meanwhile, the U.S. recorded a net increase of 18,000 jobs for the month. All numbers are seasonally adjusted.

However, that doesn’t mean the bulk of those U.S. jobs were in Wisconsin. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says in the same period, Texas added 32,000 jobs and California added almost 29,000.

Those gains were offset by net losses elsewhere, including 16,900 jobs in Tennessee and 15,700 jobs in Missouri.

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