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Golf course will pay $50,000 to settle DNR complaint

A golf course in Big Bend will pay the state $50,000 to settle a claim with the state Department of Natural Resources, which alleged the course violated environmental rules while creating artificial ponds, dredging and grading at the course.

The DNR and Edgewood Golf Course Inc. — which consists of two courses, The Oaks and The Pines — agreed the golf course will pay more than $31,000 in forfeitures, more than $14,000 in surcharges and $4,000 in attorney fees to resolve the complaint.

The complaint alleged that the course did not obtain the necessary permits to excavate and build a pond within 500 feet of the Fox River. It further alleged that the course did not obtain a permit before it dredged about 10,000 cubic yards of soil from three artificial ponds in order to increase the amount of water each could hold, and then spread the soils dredged from the ponds onto more than 2 acres of wetlands.

In addition to the $50,000 payment, the parties’ stipulation and order for judgment requires the golf course to remediate the affected areas, obtain the required permits for projects already concluded and submit an integrated management plan for areas of the course within the river’s floodplain.

— David Ziemer

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