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2010AP2527-D OLR v. Bowe

Professional Responsibility
Public reprimand

Where attorney Ann T. Bowe knowingly misrepresented that she had served a respondent with a summons and complaint, and other court filings, a public reprimand is appropriate.

“Upon our independent review, we are satisfied the referee’s findings of fact are not clearly erroneous and the record supports her conclusions. We agree with the referee’s reasoning and conclude a public reprimand is sufficient discipline to achieve the goals of attorney discipline. Although we are persuaded a suspension is not necessary to protect the public and the judicial system in this instance, Attorney Bowe is admonished that a public reprimand should not be interpreted as indicating this court is untroubled by her misconduct.”

2010AP2527-D OLR v. Bowe

Per Curiam.

Attorneys: For Appellant: Weigel, William J., Madison; Price, Matthew J., Milwaukee; For Respondent: Bowe, Ann T., Milwaukee; Wasserman, Lew A., Milwaukee

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