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BEV BUTULA: Wisconsin Secretary of State Website

Bev Butula

Bev Butula

Many of us have recently visited the Wisconsin Secretary of State’s website to learn a bit more about the publication of new laws. However, have you ever noticed what other information is available from their website?

The first database available on the site that caught my eye was their “deeds” database. When the State buys land, the documentation is filed with the Secretary of State. The deeds database allows a researcher to locate that documentation. One can search by grantor or park name. I live near Pike Lake, so I searched the word “pike.” My search produced a significant number of results, dating back to 1966. Documents included warranty deeds, abstracts, quit claim deeds, and a few other miscellaneous items. Each item offers a .pdf of the actual document. And, a great feature is that the website clearly identifies when the database was last updated.

Did you know that the Secretary of State supports a database of Wisconsin Notary Public’s? To search the database, enter in any of the following criteria: Name, City, Zip Code, or Issue Date. The results list includes all the criteria previously mentioned along with the notary’s address and length of commission (or if it is permanent).

Another interesting database is the “Oaths of Office” database. “This database [currently] includes 27885 oaths from 12/30/1968 to 02/14/2011.” To locate the oaths, the researcher enters an individual’s name. The example I choose was “Doyle.” I retrieved ten results. Other than for historical purposes, I am not sure why someone would search this database. Please let me know if you have an application.

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