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10-2256 Abraham v. Holder

Asylum; Syria

Where an asylum petitioner from Syria suffered no persecution after she left her home and moved to Damascus, she cannot show a likelihood of future persecution if denied asylum.

“Abraham notes that the IJ and BIA did not address the testimony given by her cousin that she would be the victim of an honor killing on her return to Syria. That testimony did corroborate that honor killings occur in Syria and that punishment for the killers is virtually nonexistent. The cousin also stated his opinion that Abraham would be the victim of an honor killing if she returned to Syria. Although the IJ and BIA did not expressly mention this testimony, the IJ did not dispute that honor killings occurred in Syria and agreed that they are a ‘terrible problem’ there. Oral Decision of the IJ (August 7, 2008), at 13. But the IJ found that, in light of all of the evidence, and because Abraham’s family and former boyfriend did not disturb her after she moved to Damascus, it was unlikely that they would harm her if she returned to Syria. Having reviewed the short and conclusory testimony of Abraham’s cousin, we conclude that no further analysis by the IJ or the BIA was necessary. It is clear from the record and from the IJ’s decision that the IJ understood all of the evidence presented and still found Abraham’s proof lacking. See Kiorkis v. Holder, 634 F.3d 924, 928-29 (7th Cir. 2011) (recognizing that it is impossible for immigration courts to write an exegesis on every contention an applicant raises).”

Petition Denied.

10-2256 Abraham v. Holder

On Petition for Review of an Order of the Board of Immigration Appeals, Rovner, J.

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