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Thomas Craft, man convicted of killing wife to be released (UPDATE)

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio man will be released from prison next month, 11 years after his conviction for killing and dismembering his wife and leaving her body parts at a McDonald’s and other sites in Michigan.

The Blade of Toledo reports that the pending release of Thomas Craft has prompted the family of the woman he was convicted of killing to lobby for a law that would require victim approval of conditions of an inmate’s post-release supervision. The family of Lynnette Craft also worked to make sure the 48-year-old Craft spends the next five years under state supervision at a halfway house.

Craft was sentenced to 12 years in prison in 2000 as part of a plea deal for voluntary manslaughter, abuse of a corpse and possession of criminal tools

Officials said he killed the 38-year-old Lynnette Craft in June 1999 at their home in Swanton, a community 18 miles west of Toledo near the Michigan state line. Authorities said her severed head was found in a landfill in Washtenaw County, Mich., her torso in a trash bin at an Interstate 94 rest stop and her feet in a bin at a McDonald’s near Ann Arbor, Mich.

Craft maintained that his wife killed herself and that he dismembered her body to hide the suicide from their sons. A coroner’s ruling said cause of death was “undeterminable.”

The family of Lynnette Craft successfully petitioned the prisons department for in-state monitoring of Craft after learning he planned to move to Wisconsin near the couple’s sons following his June 20 release. He is to spend the next five years in a halfway house in Ohio’s Allen County.

“After obtaining additional information and balancing the needs of the victim’s family and the offender’s best opportunity at re-entry, it was determined it would be in the best interest of all involved if the offender remained in Ohio to complete his period of supervision,” prisons spokeswoman said JoEllen Smith told The Blade.

The family also has launched a drive for “Lynnette’s Law,” writing to more than 500 politicians in an effort to increase the rights of victims upon an inmate’s release.

“Victims have no rights and that’s why we set up Lynnette’s Law,” the woman’s brother, Bob Quast, told The Blade. “We’re going to change laws in this country no matter how long it takes so victims have rights and not the bad guys.”

Information from: The Blade,


  1. Donald Projansky

    I would shoot the SOB on site

  2. Kathleen Bennett

    I am just heart broken for Lynette, her boys and family. Thing is, with him getting away with murder, we will all be reading about the same exact tragedy again.

  3. Truly shocking case. Why would she commit suicide …nonsense. Why did he get such a lenient sentence. The way he dismembered her. Well he was clearly psychopathical. Who took a bung to give him such a light sentence. ?

  4. I truly do not understand why he is getting out he should get life.

  5. Very sad. Trust that no one in Ohio will ever get a light sentence such as this ever again. It just does not happen anymore.

  6. Just watched an episode of Fatal Vows (2017) called Deadly Obsession about this case. I am so sad to look this up and see this man was released for this horrific crime! Not only that, how he abused her for YEARS prior to killing her. It is too bad that she did not seek to learn the correct “procedures” women in this situation should learn about before leaving an abusive relationship. NEVER tell your abuser you are leaving! So sad for her, her children and her family – they will never get over her loss. I believe someone here wrote they would just shoot this guy, it’s too bad that good people really don’t/can’t do it and get away with it. There are a lot of people like this SH head in this world who deserve just that. Like yesterday.

  7. What is wrong with our justice system ( actually in-justice system) — I just saw this story for the first time today. 12 YEARS???? HE GOT 12 FREAKING YEARS???? I would have thought it was a joke were it not so tragic. I am sickened and disgusted with our so called justice system. My heart goes out to Lynette’s family-they certainly did not get justice for her gruesome horrifying murder.

  8. Michelle Schenck

    He should have gotten the death penalty. I hope he dies a horrible death very soon and goes straight to hell and rots there for all ETERNITY.

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