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Minnesota’s court system going paperless

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota’s court system is going paperless.

Twenty counties have switched to an electronic system for filing criminal complaints called eCharging. State and local officials tell Minnesota Public Radio it’s improving efficiency and reducing mistakes.

Prosecutors traditionally sent paper copies of complaints to their clerk of courts offices, where clerks would log them into a computer database. The documents now arrive electronically, which eliminates multiple steps and saves about 15 minutes per complaint.

It also saves time for police officers who formerly had to interrupt what they were doing to stop by prosecutors’ offices to review and sign the documents. Officials say the increased efficiency is especially notable for officers in rural areas.

According to the MPR report, state officials aim to use eCharging in all counties by late 2014.

Information from: Minnesota Public Radio News, http://www.mpr.org

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