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Waukesha Co. judge charged with disorderly conduct

Judge Linda Van De Water

Judge Linda Van De Water

Waukesha (AP) — A Waukesha County judge is charged with disorderly conduct after confronting her former boyfriend outside the home of another woman.

A criminal complaint says Judge Linda Van De Water kicked and jumped on the hood of the man’s car as he tried to drive away from a residence in Caledonia earlier this year.

The complaint says the episode began when Van De Water frantically pounded on the door of the woman’s neighbor looking for her ex-boyfriend. When he came out of the house next door and got into the car, she jumped on the hood and started screaming at the man. It says he got out of the car and pushed her away. The judge then got in an SUV and followed the man.

The Journal Sentinel says the next day Van De Water was spotted in the woman’s backyard and later confronted her ex-boyfriend and the woman at a Brookfield residence. Van De Water’s attorney, John Fuchs says the complaint includes some factual inaccuracies.


  1. Good behavior for a judge. At least we know she has real emotions… not a plant like individual

  2. Poooor Judgement

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