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Wisconsin Legislature Document Search

I was on the Wisconsin legislature page searching for some older bills when I noticed an announcement on the document search page. It states, “We have a new beta site for searching our documents. Currently available: statutes, administrative code, and new proposal info pages with enhanced bill history.” I was curious if this new, sleek, and easy to read design has been around for a while and I missed it or if it is relatively recent. I found a tweet and Facebook post by the LRB dated January 28th announcing the new platform. So, my guess is that it is quite new.

I really like the new look. The statutes page is uncluttered. The nicest feature is that your chosen section is highlighted for easy identification. As an example, I searched Wis. Stat. § 32.04:

Another great feature is their “Proposal Information Page.” Not only do you find the standard links to bills, resolutions, etc. but there is a list of recently introduced proposals and recent session activity, each with an RSS feed.

Actually all the new search functionality is coupled with an RSS feed. Make sure to it check out.

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