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2011 Leaders showcase strength and variety

By: ANN RICHMOND, [email protected]//February 16, 2011//

2011 Leaders showcase strength and variety

By: ANN RICHMOND, [email protected]//February 16, 2011//

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For our ninth Leaders in the Law event, I knew we would hear stories about Wisconsin’s practitioners’ hard work, dedication, leading by example and ability to overcome obstacles. It turns out that no matter how quietly these individuals do their work, volunteer their time and mentor others, people notice. We received more than 75 nominations highlighting the many achievements that all these attorneys accomplish every day.

We are excited to turn the spotlight on individuals who consistently give their best to their clients, to the administration of justice and to the organizations they enrich through their outside efforts.

All of our Leaders in the Law have made — and continue to make — their mark on the law. Some have had important cases; others have provided leadership in their firm. Still others have blazed a trail for future leaders by mentoring those new to the practice of law.

Wisconsin Law Journal’s 2011 Leaders in the Law come from very diverse backgrounds, representing the myriad ways lawyers and judges contribute to our legal system and to their communities. And they have very diverse areas of practice, ranging from litigation to trusts and estates, from personal injury to presiding on the bench.

They come from a variety of firms, courts, businesses and nonprofit groups. Whether they represent businesses, individuals, or offer pro bono services, all of our Leaders in the Law have a significant impact on the practice of law in Wisconsin.

Of special note are our four Lifetime Achievement award winners. Their life’s work is worthy of distinction and each of them has had a significant impact on Wisconsin’s law community.

I hope you enjoy getting to know them through the stories on these pages as much as we have.


Ann Richmond, Publisher, Wisconsin Law Journal


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