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Wisconsin Municipal Courts

Last week the City of Milwaukee Municipal Court announced that is was going live with their all-electronic court case management system. The court is taking a huge step and moving to a paperless environment. Per the press release, “[t]he court’s move to paperless will result in substantial long-term savings as the court will no longer purchase paper files…or labels.” This enhancement will assist the staff, judges, and public. The press release goes on to say that the new website has been “optimized for mobile device use and also boasts enhanced search functionality.”

If you have never visited the site, it offers quite a bit of information. Not only can the searcher obtain case information, but it also provides links to forms, statistics, online payment options, and court news.

If you need contact information regarding any of the other 200+ municipal courts, there is a complete directory available on the Wisconsin court website. Only a few of these municipal courts appear to have websites.

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