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Walker signs lawsuit reform measure

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Gov. Scott Walker has signed a bill that will dramatically rewrite Wisconsin’s civil litigation rules.

The bill makes it harder to sue businesses by setting new standards for expert testimony and burdens of proof. It also lays out a cap on punitive damages.

Republicans and businesses have been pushing for reform since 2005, when the state Supreme Court ruled that lead paint manufacturers cold be held liable for injuries a Milwaukee boy suffered, even though the boy couldn’t prove which companies may have sickened him.

Opponents say the bill will make it tougher for consumers to hold bad corporate actors accountable But Walker, a Republican, says the bill shows his administration and his fellow Republicans are moving swiftly to improve the state’s business climate.


  1. Welcome to the Wrongdoers’ Immunity Act of 2011.

  2. Let’s not forget who’s really at fault. The lady who sued Mcdonald’s for millions when she burned her mouth on her coffee or the families who are currently trying to sue fast food chains because their ten year olds weigh 200 pounds. It’s that kind of greed and lack of common sense that ruined it for families that deserve to go after companies that practice unethical behavior.

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