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2009AP468-D OLR v. Hammis

Professional Responsibility

Where attorney James E. Hammis billed the SPD for work he didn’t perform, practiced law after an administrative suspension, a four-month suspension is appropriate.

“Attorney Hammis concedes he committed these ethical violations at a time of significant disruption to his legal practice, while overextended professionally and trying to maintain his practice during the break-up of his legal partnership.  He acknowledges he “made a serious error: he tried to do too much.”  Many of his ethical infractions such as failing to timely maintain compliance with CLE credits and billing anomalies, suggest office management issues.  We conclude that our goal of protecting the public from similar misconduct would be served by imposing certain conditions on Attorney Hammis’ license to practice law and seeking to ensure better case handling practices in the future.  We direct him to successfully complete a law office management class approved by the OLR, such as the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Law Office Management Program, within six months of the date of this order.  Finally, we accept the referee’s recommendation that we impose the full costs of this proceeding on Attorney Hammis.”

2009AP468-D OLR v. Hammis

Per Curiam.
Attorneys: For Complainant: Krohn, Robert G., Edgerton; Weigel, William J., Madison; For Respondent: Pines, Lester A., Madison; Hammis, James E., Stoughton

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